Trump sows confusion on moon quest

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

NASA has framed its lunar ambitions as a steppingstone to an eventual human mission to the Red Planet, which is possibly what Trump was referring to when he called the Moon "a part" of Mars. "They must be centered on the remarkable bigger things we're doing, at the side of Mars (of which the Moon is a half), Protection and Science!"

The tweet was quick to viral on social media with people criticising the President for claiming Moon is a part of Mars.

Is it or is it not?

To the moon?Nope, President Donald Trump says.Trump tweeted Friday that NASA should forget about going back to the moon and should focus on other things, like Mars."For all..."

The accelerated timetable to land humans on the moon by 2024 ran into early trouble when the Trump administration asked a skeptical Congress in May to increase NASA's 2020 budget proposal by $1.6 billion as a "down payment" to accommodate the accelerated goal.

The US government, in fact, sought a $20 billion budget to send US astronauts to the moon by 2024 under an accelerated programme, which was a key recommendation of newly appointed National Space Council led by Mike Pence.

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Trump said in the tweet that NASA should not be focused on the Moon because, "We did that 50 years ago".

NASA officials have said bolstering their presence on the moon will be an essential step towards conducting further research on Mars.

Followers of astronomy were in for a surprise on Friday, when Donald Trump announced that the moon is part of Mars.

As part of the budget increase, the administration said it would begin efforts to send the first woman to the moon, almost five decades after the last USA landing.

Collins said that many experts consider the moon as a gateway to Mars, but that he stands with the minority view that going to Mars should be the priority.

This picture taken on July 27, 2018 shows the moon during the total lunar eclipse, in the Israeli Mediterranean coastal city of Netanya.

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