DOOM Eternal’s BATTLEMODE Is a Demonic 2v1 Multiplayer Experience

DOOM Eternal Artwork

DOOM Eternal Gets Release Date and Collector's Edition

We're also likely to get updates on some of Bethesda's live games, including The Elder Scrolls Online and The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Furthermore, Fallout 76 will have a free trial period during June 10-17 as well. Lastly, The Elder Scrolls Online will get a new DLC known as Dragonhold sometime in Fall of 2019, which will lead to new dungeon content.

Besides the usual clips of gameplay, the new trailer also seems to suggest that there will be a point in the game where the Doomslayer will be fighting his way through the forces of heaven. It seems like every Bethesda game is getting dragons these days.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, meanwhile, is a supernatural horror adventure from Mikami-san's studio, Tango Softworks.

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DOOM Eternal launches on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One on November 22nd. Its checked all the boxes, with gloriously bloody arcade shooting action, plenty of satisfying weapons and beast to use them on in hellish, gothic environments, enhanced movement abilities and endlessly gory finishing moves.

You'll be able to see a whole lot more of DOOM Eternal at QuakeCon later on this year.

The fifth entry in the main series of games from the demons of Hell taking over Earth, and it's up to the Doom Slayer to fight them back.

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