Fallout 76: Wastelanders features human NPCs and dialogue choices

Bethesda Just Unveiled Some New Games & A Human NPC Update For ‘Fallout 76

Fallout 76 'Wastelanders' update launches this fall; 'Nuclear Winter' battle royal mode announced

TheFallout 76 team explained that the Wastelanders update will be dropping later this year and bring a new main quest, choice and consequences, new gear and weapons and the aforementioned human NPCs.

A new PS4 free games update has been announced this week and will be available to download from the PlayStation Store today.

Playing and surviving in Nuclear Winter will be your key to progressing through the Overseer ranks and gaining access to new areas of Vault 51, where you'll uncover some of the Vault's mysteries.

Like Wastelanders, this new battle royale mode will be free for Fallout 76 players and fans will get a sneak peek starting June 10.

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One of the big criticisms of Fallout 76 at its launch was that its game world largely felt empty despite being filled with people.

The publisher has also released a new trailer for Nuclear Winter that you can find below. Yeah. Bethesda has confirmed four-player squads, PvE combat against the beasts that usually roam Fallout 76, and player-initiated nukes.

As Bethesda noted during the show, Year One of Fallout 76 was about leaving the Vault and exploring the Wasteland. It's on the way this summer as part of the Nuclear Winter update.

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