Here's a quick digest of Devolver Digital's E3 2019 conference

The new games include fun multiplayer title Fall Guys, a lightgun Enter the Gungeon spin-off, and the "reverse horror game" Carrion.

Try your hardest to race up the mountain and claim yourself king when the game releases on PC and PS4 in 2020. Of course, the corporate monsters that they are, Devolver have figured out a tricky way of getting money out of this, and are charging £3.99 for the game - if you head to, it'll take you straight to the Steam page - but with a 1% discount that ends on 16th June.

Watch the announcement trailer below. This "reverse horror experience" sees the player controlling a bloody blob, hunting down scientists and other prey.

Trump says Xi meeting at G20 'scheduled'
The two countries have since escalated their trade war. "If we don't make a deal, you'll see a tariff increase", Trump told CNBC. His overall aim, the Republican said, is to ensure that China never overtakes the United States as the world's top economy.

Mexican President offers "outstretched hand" to Trump after averting tariff war
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Bethesda unveils Orion at E3 2019, new software to improve streaming
LOS ANGELES-Bethesda Softworks announced Sunday that it is getting involved in the increasingly competitive field of cloud gaming.

In an exciting but odd turn, Devolver also announced a brand new arcade game coming next year. Well played. Anyway, Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead is an arcade version of the popular roguelike, complete with arcade cabinet and two light-guns. We're not ruling out a home console port, but we reckon they probably mean you can buy your own arcade cabinet, which we can afford, right? We'll do our best to bring you a timely review on this wacky Devolver venture.

"The Devolver Digital Big Fancy Press Conference 2019 continued the Devolver Digital E3 Press Conference Cinematic Universe (DDE3PCCU) and the senseless and revered violence that comes with modern-day E3 video game marketing events", Devolver explained.

As expected, one of the highlights from last night's E3 coverage was the Devolver Digital conference, a satirical look at the gaming industry presented in the form of a pre-recorded presentation. The Picnic Panic expansion will launch July 11th on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC.

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