'Final Fantasy VII Remake' footage blew everybody away at E3

Final Fantasy VII Remake

What music features in ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’, and has composer Nobuo Uematsu written the score?

The legend himself returns: Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu is confirmed to be scoring the upcoming "Final Fantasy VII Remake". While purists hoping the Remake would be turn-based will be disappointed, the new system seems like something altogether new for Final Fantasy. As you face off against enemies you'll mash the attack button and preform some cool looking combos.

It's also important to remember that Cloud said shit. You can even give each character orders to perform specific attacks, guard, or use items if you so choose. That's a really neat tactical trick that helps emphasize that Final Fantasy 7's combat is still about a thoughtful approach, rather than lightning-quick Devil May Cry combos.

Oddly, it also feels a little like Fallout's VATS system.

We then got a combat explainer from Neal Pabon, senior manager of product marketing. By unshackling combat from a static affair where participants stand in a line, you're able to take cover as the laser traces across the battlefield. Chocobo breeding was unlocked in the original Final Fantasy 7's second disc once you've located the Chocobo farm, so unless you'll find one in Midgar, chances are it wont really make an appearance. The sci-fi game, which can be played with up to 3 players in a team, has been announced for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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The game will feature better graphics though don't expect major changes. Some are for brand new games, others are ports or remasters.

The game will also allow abilities to have shortcuts if players want a quicker-paced battle.

Square Enix and People Can Fly put out a developer diary video that teases more of an inside look at the game, including a few ever-so-brief teases of a third-person perspective.

It's about damn time, is what I'm saying.

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