Square Enix says Final Fantasy VII Remake will still feature ‘multiple parts’

Square Enix says Final Fantasy VII Remake will still feature ‘multiple parts

Square Enix says Final Fantasy VII Remake will still feature ‘multiple parts’

Now a teaser trailer offered us a chance to see new gameplay. WHile we do not have much on the game right now, you can actually start pre-ordering it.

Square Enix surprised the gaming public with a better look at the upcoming "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" by showing a minute-long video during last week's State of Play episode from Sony, Express reported.

The decision for Final Fantasy VII Remake to be developed as an episodic game was to ensure that the original Final Fantasy VII would be brought to the current generation with all of its content, instead of having to fit everything into a single release.

With the trailer seemingly taking place in the game's introductory area of the Mako Reactor, it warmed the cockles of our hearts to see the appearance of the AVALANCHE team of freedom fighters that Cloud fights alongside - particularly Foul-mouthed Barrett.

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The first comparison comes from YouTube's "Cycu1" who has shared a video comparison between the 2015 and the 2019 builds of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and as we can see, there are some visual differences between them. There is also no assurance if the game will be released in the remaining months of 2020. We can say that even this game won't release in 2019.

Since then the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has undergone a number of changes, with Cloud's character model being slightly tweaked as well as graphical upgrades. At the present time, the Game is displayed a PS4 elite, however on observing past patterns, it may discharge soon on PC, Xbox and furthermore for the most recent PlayStation 5. The characters got their voice. In one scenario, Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch as separate games focusing on different arcs of the RPG's story.

It's also the furthest point along in the game that we definitely can pinpoint which is depicted in the trailer. Final Fantasy 7 is confirmed for the PlayStation 4.

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