Ubisoft Unleashes Gods & Monsters Cinematic Trailer with Female Protagonist at E3

However, where Assassin's Creed has been bounded by history, Gods & Monsters will be free to explore a world limited only by creativity.

More than any previous Assassin's Creeds, Odyssey delved into myths, even throwing legendary creatures in our way and sending us down into Hades, but it looks like that hasn't scratched the team's itch for mythology.

And that goes right down to the art style.

Players will be granted powers by the Greek gods as they journey across the Isle of the Blessed in an attempt to restore the Greek Gods' powers. It's not all about using your blade to take down an ever-increasing cast of creatures, though.

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Will you be picking up Gods and Monsters when it launches on February 25, 2020?

Is this one you're looking forward to? The few gameplay screenshots shared of Gods & Monsters show a lovely, green open world colored with a bright, painterly style. In the small slice of in-development gameplay that I got to watch, only the lush grasslands seen in the reveal trailer could be seen.

If you've had your fill of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, then this may fill that mythical RPG gap in your life. We have staff in our United Kingdom office and on the ground in Los Angeles who are working hard to bring you the best reporting on the internet on the biggest and most exciting week in gaming news. At their E3 pre-show, Ubisoft also unveiled the final part of the Odyssey puzzle; another Discovery Tour mode, letting you take a non-violent, narrated trip through Greece, now with historical quizzes.

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