Watch Dogs Legion Reportedly Leaked, Set in London

Watch Dogs Legion leaks ahead of E3

Watch Dogs Legion Leaked Ahead of E3 2019

Now, it seems that we're going to be seeing these game systems in action in an entirely new take for what is essentially Watch Dogs 3. The listing does state that Watch Dogs Legion is set in "post-Brexit London" where "society, politics and technology have changed and altered London's fortunes". Even today, London is home to some of the highest number of CCTV surveillance, making the number of objects you can hack a desirable trait for the game.

Ubisoft is indeed said to be working on a system that allows you to play, via the usual hacking mechanics, as any of the NPC you meet throughout your gameplay. A small teaser confirms that we will see the game fully revealed at E3.

Firstly, we had key art and footage for Roller Champions, a multiplayer only roller derby themed video game leaked the other week, but that is nearly forgetable in the face of this week's other Ubisoft related game leak, Watch Dogs Legion. The next Watch Dogs game has been leaked on Amazon's United Kingdom site. The listing contained major spoilers for the third entry in the Watch Dogs series, highlighting the name, setting, and key features.

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The Ubisoft Store discounts celebrating E3 2019 has started! In fact, it's one of the few open-world games set within the British Isles since The Getaway back during the PS2-era.

Also confirmed is functionality that lets the player take control of any NPC found in London.

It wouldn't be E3 without every Ubisoft game leaking, wouldn't it? We know this because Amazon UK has accidentally put up a listing for it, with the title Watch Dogs Legion. A leak that covered important information, but not one of the most anticipated issues, its release date.

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