Doctor discovers 100 bubble tea pearls in girl’s abdomen during CT scan

A doctor in China thinks an excessive amount of bubble tea pearls caused the girl's stomach issues

A doctor in China thinks an excessive amount of bubble tea pearls caused the girl's stomach issues

The girl's parents took her to the emergency department of the Zhuji People's Hospital on May 28 after she complained of stomach aches and being constipated for five days, the Chinese news website The Paper reports.

It may surprise you to know that bubble tea has actually been around since the 80s, when it was created in Taiwan.

A teen's love for bubble tea drinks landed her in the hospital, but doctors were shocked to learn just how much she adored the popular beverage.

But a doctor who treated the girl believed she may have underestimated just how many servings of boba she consumed, saying her condition was so severe that she must've consumed more of the starchy tapioca balls than she relayed to her parents.

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A CT scan revealed about 100 "unusual spherical shadows" which doctors realised were undigested tapioca pearls from bubble tea.

The girl was questioned about her bubble tea drinking habits following the discovery.

Doctors said tapioca starch can be hard to digest and bubble tea shops may put additives into the balls to improve their texture. However, the girl's stomach told another story.

The teen was prescribed a laxative to help with her issue, according to reports.

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