‘The job’s not done’: Raptors reset, as NBA Finals loom

The Golden State Warriors are playing in the NBA Finals for the fifth consecutive year. Durant will be reevaluated on Wednesday, after last week's update that the team is hopeful he will return at some point during the Finals. What he's done for that franchise, even last year in the playoffs to take the Celtics to seven games and to see his growth this year and what he's doing for that franchise, it says a lot about him and he's 24-years-old. If he remains sidelined throughout, which seems unlikely, the Raptors will have a small sliver of hope, but not much.

"But it's a five-man job, we've got to understand that.it's a five-on-five game and our team defence is going to have to be really good".

If and when he returns, Durant will be aching to showcase his worth and just how much he has meant to the Warriors since he made a decision to join them in the summer of 2016.

In this series, he'll get tested whether Durant plays or not. Also, the NBA Draft will be here before you know it. Durant would have a chance to build something rather than join an established unit and help lead youngsters Barrett and Kevin Knox through the NBA Playoffs for the first time.

If he doesn't make it back to the court and the Warriors win their third straight title, it'll reignite a conversation that's been asked in National Basketball Association circles since Durant signed with Golden State.

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So here we are, two teams with different structures.

The team spent the morning practicing and watching game tape as they prepare for the start of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

So can Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors protect their home court advantage and dethrone the champs? "It's not about just making it to the final".

Losing four straight games to the Raptors in the Eastern Conference Finals brought Milwaukee's season to an abrupt end.

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