Trudeau says Canada will ban single-use plastics as early as 2021

Canada to ban single-use plastics by 2021, Trudeau announces

All The Plastic Items That Are Set To Be Banned In Canada By 2021

Canada has set a goal to ban single-use plastics by as early as 2021 in a measure aimed at reducing waste that ends up in the ecosystem, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday.

The government is also in the final stages of passing two bills they argue will tighten environmental assessment criteria for energy projects and also protect the sensitive coast of northern British Columbia from oil spills by banning tanker traffic. "This is a big step but we know can do this for 2021".

"Many other countries are doing that and Canada will be one of them", Trudeau said. I mean come on, give me a break.

"Canadians know first-hand the impacts of plastic pollution, and are exhausted of seeing their beaches, parks, streets, and shorelines littered with plastic waste".

He uses Styrofoam soup cups and plastic utensils, but plans to switch to paper products, which cost more, he said.

The details of how such a ban would be implemented remain unknown, but the government will conduct research to determine the best course of action, which it says will be grounded in scientific evidence.

Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party, told reporters in Ottawa that the ban was an attempt by Trudeau, who faced a leadership crisis this year, "to change the channel".

Several Canadian cities already ban the use of plastic bags and some provinces have banned other products.

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But no actual ban is likely until roughly 2021.

Plastic straws are already on their way out by restaurants' choice, but will nearly certainly be covered by the Canadian ban nonetheless. "Whether we're talking about plastic bottles or cell phones, it will be up to businesses to take responsibility for the plastics they're manufacturing coming out into the world".

Plastic bottles, however, are unlikely to make the list of banned products.

"Our fundamental belief is that globally, plastics will continue to grow and that we'll need multiple plants to be built year over year to enable that growth", he said in an interview. All of that would trigger provincial and municipal governments to up their recycling games.

More than 34 million plastic bags are thrown out every day, and less than 11 per cent of Canada's plastics are recycled.

According to a press statement, Canada could set a required amount of recycled content for manufacturers. "Taking these steps will help create tens of thousands of middle-class jobs and make our economy even stronger-while protecting fish, whales, and other wildlife, and preserving the places we love", said Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

"I want to save the environment".

NDP MP Gord Johns, whose motion calling for a national strategy to combat plastic pollution passed with unanimous support in December, said the Liberals' move is a good beginning but it is not a full strategy to get to zero plastic waste. "There is no reason why sound environmental policy and economic development can't go hand-in-hand".

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